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Feeling Adventurous? Give These Strange But Interesting Coffee Drinks A Try!

The beauty of the coffee experience is that no matter what style of coffee you’re drinking or where it’s sourced from — or, dare we say, if what you’re drinking isn’t from Unique Coffee Roasters — at least you still get that warm, invigorating feeling that coffee is known for. Well, at least if you’re not drinking decaf coffee. While the caffeine found in coffee beans does provide fairly universal effects to those who consume it, coffee is also interesting because it is offered in so many different styles, strengths, variants, and pretty much whatever else you can dream about. The chances are, if you think it exists, it probably does.

The Great World Of Coffee

Given this expansive world of java variety, it may behoove you to consider shaking up your morning coffee routine by trying something a little bit different. Maybe you’ll be feeling particularly bold and you’re willing to try something truly offbeat like what we’ll be covering below in today’s blog post. Whatever you decide to do, our point is that there’s just so much out there in the way of coffee and it doesn’t hurt to try something that sounds weird.

Again, our gourmet online coffee shop will leave that decision up to you. As always, Unique Coffee Roasters is here to provide Staten Island residents and online shoppers alike with our high-quality, uniquely sourced roasts to enjoy on your own time. From our exclusive cold brew blend to our selection of flavored coffee and single origin coffee, it’s hard to go wrong when you imbibe with Unique Coffee Roasters. Can’t decide on one coffee? Get a monthly subscription! Of course, that’s our biased opinion...or is it? You make the call!

Read below about some of these unique coffee offerings from around the world that utilize some fairly interesting styles. Let’s take a look.

Scandinavian Egg Coffee

Who doesn’t want breakfast in a cup? Well, maybe the thought of drinking your protein doesn’t necessarily appeal to you. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the Scandinavians have been drinking egg coffee for quite some time. By combining a fresh egg with coffee grounds, our Northern European friends have created a way to make “black” coffee with relatively little bitterness and acidity. Of course, that’s all thanks to the egg in it.

Interestingly enough, Scandinavian Egg Coffee has been very popular in the midwest of the United States as it has been made in large volumes for churchgoers. The name “Church Basement Coffee” is quite fitting!

Espresso Tonic

No, this isn’t an alcoholic coffee beverage (though you could change that if you really wish); however, the espresso tonic does serve as a great summer coffee drink due to its refreshing qualities. Simply combine a floral, mildly citrusy (emphasis on the mild) tonic water with espresso and viola, you have espresso tonic. Really, it couldn’t be more simple than that.

Espresso tonic is known for its sweet and tangy notes, though you’re also sure to get some bitter flavor thanks to the combination of espresso and tonic. After all, they’re both fairly bitter on their own. Go ahead and try this one at home if you’re looking for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up on a hot summer’s day, or even hit up a fancy coffee shop in town and see if they offer a unique coffee drink like this.

Cuban Coffee (Cafe Cubano)

If you’re a sugar enthusiast, then you’re a friend of the Cubans. This is an extremely popular morning drink in Cuba and Florida — particularly the Miami area as evidenced by many Cuban breakfast spots that specialize in their own take on Cuban Coffee. Packed full of sugar and espresso, you’ll find yourself more than invigorated even after a small 2 oz cup of this highly viscous breakfast beverage. With equal parts sugar and espresso, your sensitive pallet won’t have to worry about the drink tasting too bitter. Conversely, the espresso also balances out the ridiculous amounts of sugar in this fun coffee drink, resulting in a fairly balanced flavor profile. Sounds good to us!

Coffee With...Cheese?

Yes, for another dairy protein-packed coffee offering, we head back to our friends, the Scandinavians. Considered a delicacy in Sweden, Kaffeost is a coffee beverage worth trying even if you’re not a huge cheese fan. Leipäjuusto is a type of bread cheese that’s also popular in Sweden, and when combined with black coffee, you’ll get a savory, salty drink thanks to the fats and oils of the cheese. Think of Kaffeost as putting cubes of cheese into your coffee instead of sugar. Something tells us that this coffee drink might be a hit over in Wisconsin!

Durian Coffee Packets

Coffee sold in individual, ready-to-go packets is nothing out of the ordinary, but when you add Durian Fruit preserves, things get a little bit interesting...and probably rather unappealing for most people. Why? That’s because the Durian melon itself is characterized by a foul odor and though the flesh of the fruit tastes sweet, the aroma is sometimes described as “sweaty gym shorts” or “New York restaurant dumpster.”

Needless to say, Durian coffee is a bit of an acquired taste, though we’re unsure how many people really want to acquire this taste in the first place.

Coffee With Black Pepper

If you really enjoy the peppery qualities of...well, black pepper, then this coffee drink from Senegal, Africa might be up your alley. Also known as Cafe touba, this local favorite simply puts sugar and black pepper together with a rich, black coffee. Creating deep and earthy flavor notes, this drink isn’t going to be quite as sweet as Cuban coffee. However, the drink is very invigorating when you consider that black pepper is added with sugar and caffeine. Additionally, the African black pepper used in this drink is also said to help settle the stomach.

Kopi Gu Yu (Butter Coffee)

What’s the only thing that’s better to add to coffee than pure sugar? Why not pure butter? Popular in Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, Kopi Gu Yu is coffee that’s roasted, brewed, and consumed with good ol’ butter. To top it off, the artery-clogging drink is typically poured over condensed milk. Dairy lovers, this one gives the cheese coffee a serious run for its money.

Gourmet Coffee Beans Online From Unique Coffee Roasters

While many of these java beverages are rather adventurous, you don’t have to branch out of what you already know. When you shop with our mail order coffee company or drop by our coffee shop in Staten Island, you’re guaranteed an incredible coffee experience that caters to your tastes. Shop our main collection of gourmet coffee beans today!