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The Gourmet Coffee Roasts You Can Drink Through Our Online Coffee Subscription

Do you love coffee? So do we! At Unique Coffee Roasters, our team is here to bring you the best coffee in the world at great prices. Though we love meeting our customers in person at our Staten Island coffee shop, selling gourmet coffee online is our specialty. With the power of a monthly or two week coffee subscription, we’ll send you the freshest, best tasting roasts straight to your door. The best part? All you have to do is simply click a few times and you’re done! Coffee shopping has never been easier. Whether you’re a Keurig® capsule fan or you stick to brewing coffee the old school way, our subscriptions have you covered.

Though you’re free to choose just about whatever you’d like to drink when you go with one of our unique online coffee subscriptions, let’s take a look at some of our favorite gourmet coffee roasts that we’re excited to share with you.


New York City Blend

Drink your joe like a true New Yorker with our New York City Blend. We originally created this one back in 2008 in honor of the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl. Due to popular demand, we’ve brought it back! A subtle yet bold flavor with bean origins from Colombia and Costa Rica give this coffee blend a medium and full bodied experience.

First Impression Blend

Looking to drink your coffee like a pro? You can’t go wrong with our signature First Impression Blend. This combination of our three favorite coffees — Colombia Huila, Guatemala Quetzaltenango, and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe — also brings a medium and full bodied flavor experience to your taste buds.

Single-Origin Coffees

Organic Sumatra

Brought to you from the islands of Indonesia, you’ll enjoy a full body with mildly sweet undertones and an earthy overall character with this organic single-origin coffee. If you’re looking for a high-quality roast to jump start your day, look no further than our very own Sumatra!

Flavored Coffees

Creme Brulee Flavored Coffee

If you didn’t think that it was possible to drink your dessert, then think again! Our flavored coffees feature many interesting and sweet concepts and this creme brulee-centric coffee is no exception. Savor these custard and caramelized brown sugar notes by getting your own today.

Let Our Two Week And Monthly Coffee Subscriptions Do The Work For You

With mail order coffee from Unique Coffee Roasters, you’ll never have to worry about running out of coffee again. Contact us to learn more!