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Are You A Single-Serve Or A Pot Of Coffee Drinker?

In short, the answer to this question is almost purely dependent on how much coffee you drink. Do you have a single cup in the afternoon for pure enjoyment, or do you rely on the invigorating qualities of coffee to perk you up every single morning before work? Using single-serve coffee pods and capsules to make your coffee makes sense if you’re just drinking a single cup here and there, but if you’re trying to indulge a little bit more, then it can get a bit annoying and tiresome to go through multiple brewing processes just to make multiple cups of coffee. After all, that’s what an entire pot of coffee is for, right?

Your Total Solution For Gourmet Coffee Beans Online

Whatever your brewing preference is, just know that Unique Coffee Roasters, your go-to Staten Island coffee shop, has exactly what you’re looking for. Do you have a Keurig® coffee maker? We have Keurig® Compatible Pods! How about a Nespresso® machine? We have you covered with our Nespresso® Compatible Capsules. Naturally, we also carry plenty (and by plenty, we really do mean as much as you can order and drink!) of bagged coffee that you can load into your coffee maker and brew as much or as little as you please.

We recommend starting with our single origin coffees, but our signature blends are also a great choice!

Below, Unique Coffee Roasters covers a few key considerations when it comes to deciding between single-serve coffee options and whole bean or coffee grounds. Let’s take a quick look.

Do You Drink Coffee With Others?

Perhaps one of your coworkers asks if other team members want to get coffee every single morning. This is, of course, a nice sentiment, but the cost each cup of coffee adds up when you’re not making it yourself. Brewing a giant pot or multiple pots of coffee to caffeinate multiple coworkers might not be a bad idea in this case. However, if you’re working from home and there’s no one else to drink coffee with, then that’s a different story — unless you want to share with your cat or something.

Are You Okay With Repeating The Brewing Process?

If you’re going to drink multiple single-servings of coffee, then you’ll have to repeat the process multiple times. That’s just plain logic right there. For some, this process may be annoying and if they’re drinking enough coffee, making an entire pot is just easier and more efficient. However, some people may find the actual process of making each single-serve cup cathartic, or at least an excuse to take a little break from work. Brewing single-serve cups doesn’t take that long, either.

Do You Need To Keep Your Coffee Fresh For Long Periods Of Time?

Single-serve coffee capsules and pods are sealed, meaning that they’ll stay 100 percent fresh for much longer periods of time compared to a bag of coffee that’s been opened.

We Have Your Gourmet Coffee Bean Needs Covered

Regardless of what your coffee preferences are, you’ll find the very best fair trade coffee beans and gourmet coffee gifts online for reasonable prices. Shop Unique Coffee Roasters today and our Keurig® Compatible Pods and Nespresso® Compatible Capsules.