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Would You Believe These Silly Myths About Coffee?

Coffee might not be the devil’s lettuce, but it is a substance that contains caffeine. While the psychoactive properties of coffee are not inherently good or bad, there is a surprising amount of misinformation out there about this highly popular drink. Due to coffee’s international popularity, it’s a little bit surprising to us that this seemingly simple beverage is so misconstrued, but alas, here we are blogging about it!

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So, in the interest of all things coffee-related (our favorite subject, to be sure), the gourmet coffee bean experts here at Unique Coffee Roasters are going to address some of these rather silly coffee myths in today’s blog post. If you’re wondering what isn’t a myth, our legendary gourmet coffee online as well as our unique coffee shop storefront in Staten Island has been faithfully serving coffee drinkers for years. Curious about our story? Learn more here, or feel free to shop our premium coffee beans online today.

Myth: Coffee Stunts Your Growth

This is one of the most classics myths surrounding coffee, and really, it’s just more of an old wives’ tale than anything else. While it’s unclear as to how this myth originated, what is clear is that there’s no scientific evidence supporting the claim that drinking coffee will stunt your growth. Now, we’re not recommending that young kids drink excess amounts of coffee, but coffee isn’t going to delay puberty or prevent someone from reaching their height potential.

Myth: Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Drink Coffee

Okay, right off the bat, we will say that it is generally advised that women should limit their caffeine intake to only 200 milligrams or so per day - roughly one strong cup of coffee, or a couple weaker cups of coffee. While it’s true that caffeine itself won’t necessarily harm a fetus, caffeine certainly has the ability to pass through the placenta and reach the baby. So, in the interest of playing it safe and setting up your future child for the best possible life, pregnant women should moderate their caffeine intake. However, it is not necessarily to cut coffee out of your diet altogether.

Myth: Coffee Is A Healthy Way To Lose Weight

Excess quantities of caffeine might suppress your appetite, and maybe even increase your metabolism by slight amounts, but it’s hardly a legitimate replacement for real, nutritious food. In terms of healthy, long-term weight loss, drinking coffee really isn’t enough to make a real dent in your diet, so to speak. Realistically, you’ll eventually come off the caffeine high and find your stomach to feel way too acidic. If you’ve ever drank too much coffee on a completely empty stomach, then you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Myth: A Cup Of Coffee Will Effectively Sober You Up

When your body is begging you for legitimate hydration after a long night of alcohol consumption, the last thing that you should do is consume a potent diuretic like coffee. Not only will coffee further dehydrate you, but you’ll probably crash after the caffeine high and feel even worse than you did before you started drinking the coffee. Now, it is true that consuming caffeine can make an intoxicated person feel more alert, but it doesn’t actually reverse the negative cognitive effects of alcohol. So, if there’s something important coming up in your life, don’t have too much fun partying beforehand.

Myth: Drinking Coffee Past Noon Will Give You Insomnia

First off, how late you stay up as a result of drinking coffee is purely dependent on your sleep schedule. Second, yes, caffeine is a fairly potent stimulant, but if consumed several hours before you hit the hay, chances are that your liver has processed nearly all of it - or at least, most of it. Within a span of about four to seven hours, caffeine is flushed out of the body. So, unless you’re not drinking any water (and effectively slowly dying in the process), caffeine will pass through your system quicker than you might imagine. Just make sure to stick to the decaf stuff (or, dare we say it...herbal tea) before bedtime and you’ll be in for a great night’s rest.

Myth: You Should Use Boiling Hot Water On Coffee Grounds

Actually, you really shouldn’t use boiling hot water to brew coffee. This is because the high temperature of the water (above 200 degrees Fahrenheit) will start to extract some of the bitter oils from the coffee grounds, and it may even scorch them. If you’ve ever tasted overly bitter or just plain burnt coffee, you can most likely attribute that yucky flavor to brewing with extra-hot water. Of course, the gourmet coffee roasting professionals here at Unique Coffee Roasters would never dare attempt such an atrocity.

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