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Stay Warm And Cozy This Winter With These Tips

In light of these brutal winter temperatures sweeping massive areas of the United States, it really would be nice for humans to go into hibernation. Unfortunately, sleeping for months on end doesn’t exactly pay the rent. As much as it would be nice to stay inside all winter long and forgo life’s responsibilities, the reality is that we must face the outdoor weather and continue on with work, relationships, errands, socializing, and so forth - you know, those life responsibilities so closely intertwined with the term “adulting.” There are many ways to stay warm and make winter a pleasant time, but we’re guessing that you already know what the best way is to navigate the winter season.

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Now, let’s dive into some effective ways to stay warm this winter.

Get Moving

We’re not saying that you should go out on a nice jog during an evening blizzard, but you might be surprised as to how much heat is generated by running. Evenly moderate activity is enough to make your body sweat and shed off a few of those warm layers. Consider putting those snow boots to use if you’re willing to brave the outdoors, or, of course, you can always stay inside cuddling next to the fire. Even doing some laps around your coffee table is better than being planted on the couch, but we won’t judge you for those lazy winter afternoons.

Bundle Up!

When the outside temperature drops well below freezing, your exposed skin risks frostbite after prolonged exposure. While a calm, sunny winter day might not be a big deal, sub-zero temperatures and bone-chilling winds can easily freeze your whole body if you’re not dressed for the outing. Covering the core of your body with fleece jackets and down jackets is important, but don’t forget about your feet, fingertips, and face. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend investing in some nice pairs of thick wool socks as well as a face mask or scarf. Also, a quality pair of warm winter gloves or mittens will be your best friend when you’re busy scraping ice off of your windshield.

Get The Slow Cooker Going

Why not? Slow cooking is fun, remarkably simple, and highly delicious. Plus, the best part is that it does nearly all of the work for you - just throw some food in the pot, turn it on low all day, and come home to the delicious smells of a ready-to-eat meal! Putting warm food in your belly will literally warm you from the inside out, something that we’re sure is welcome after a long, cold day at work. There are about a million slow cooker recipes online, so do some research and try something new that sounds enticing.

Switch Between Hot and Cold Showers

We know that this one might sound a little bit crazy, but hear us out. Hot showers immediately warm you up, but cold showers improve the blood circulation between your skin and your organs. So, in the interest of saving on your next heating bill, considering alternating between different shower temperatures. Even slightly cool water might feel a bit jarring, but with a simple twist of a knob, the heat will be that much more appreciated. Plus, cold showers are also correlated with a stronger immune system.

Drinking The Best Gourmet Coffee Online

Obviously, warm beverages are a fantastic way to heat your body (and stimulate the mind!) from the inside out. From hot herbal tea to a steaming cup of double espresso, it just feels right to sip a hot drink during the winter season. So what are you waiting for? Your next delicious coffee experience awaits you. From us to you here at Unique Coffee Roasters, shop our fair trade coffee beans and coffee blends today!