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Stretching Your Dollar With Mail Order Coffee: Tips To Stay Frugal

Are you tired of paying $9.00 for a decent latte at a local coffee shop or sacrificing your first-born son just to get a pound of reasonable quality, fair trade coffee beans? Does the intro to this blog post sound like an infomercial to you? If so, then Unique Coffee Roasters has the perfect solution coming to a URL near you. Without evening traveling so far as the grocery store or to one of the 13 artisan coffee shops in your neighborhood, our mail order coffee business delivers the best coffee grounds in the world right to your doorstep. It’s that simple!  

Saving Money On Delicious, Fresh Roasted Coffee

We offer a great selection of affordable coffee blends, flavored gourmet coffee, and single-serve, Keurig-compatible pods for those that enjoy their coffee one fresh cup at a time. If you’re even remotely serious about drinking coffee, a monthly coffee subscription is a sensible and convenient way to save money and enjoy what you already love. In the spirit of saving money and pinching pennies, your fresh roasted coffee experts at Unique Coffee Roasters are going to go over some practical ways to save a little money. Then, we’ll probably recommend that you use your saved money to buy even more coffee, but hey, let’s keep it our little secret!

If you can practically smell the delicious coffee grounds brewing on our website, feel free to shop our blends now.

Invite Friends Over Instead Of Going Out

Many of our fellow coffee enthusiasts enjoy a nice adult beverage out on the town, and that’s totally fine. But like buying a Venti whatever-the-heck, buying drinks gets quite pricey over time. Why not pick up a bottle or two and mix some drinks at home with your friends? If you’re more of a beer drinker, it’s certainly cheaper to enjoy some brews at home than your local sports bar. To save on eating costs, have your friends pitch in a little money and have a giant meal to share. When costs are split, cooking becomes even more economical.

Hydrate Or Die

When it comes to drinking water, your options are literally to hydrate your body or to eventually die of dehydration. Since our economy just wouldn’t function very well with a population of massively dehydrated, nearly dead consumers, drinking optimal amounts of water on the daily is the way to go. In fact, not only does drinking plenty of water have great health benefits, but it also has lasting financial benefits, too.

Drinking a big glass of water before each meal will actually help you stay fuller for longer periods of time, ultimately helping you eat a little less. So, not only will you save some money on your monthly food bill and count down on those pesky calories, but you’ll just feel better in general when you properly hydrate. Oh, and when you do decide to splurge and eat out, (tap) water is legally required to be free of charge unlike soft drinks, alcohol and other beverages.

Upgrade Your Lightbulbs To CFLs or LEDs

If all the electronic devices and light fittings you own are powered by conventional incandescent light bulbs, you should definitely consider upgrading to more energy-efficient light bulbs. It’s true that energy-efficient light bulbs may cost a little bit more up front, but they have a much longer life than normal bulbs, and they also use far less electricity.  

Cancel Any Unused Memberships

Let’s be real - if you haven’t shamefully walked through the doors of your local fitness center in a few months, then why are you still paying for that pricey membership? Getting in shape is great, but if you’re not using it, then you should be losing it. In terms of productivity and generally enjoying your life, the only membership that really matters is our monthly coffee club. Plus, if the concept of “permanence” terrifies you, take comfort in the fact that you can always renew the membership that you canceled at a later date if it turns out that you actually miss it.

Buy Used Over New When You Can

With a bit of clever shopping and a lively thrifting spirit, you can buy used items for a fraction of the price of new items. The best part is that the used items function just about as well as their brand-new counterparts, so there’s pretty much no reason to buy things new in many cases. By buying used things most of the time, you can save a ton of cash. However, we wouldn’t recommend buying used coffee grounds, but we’re not going to stop you.

Seriously, Wash Your Hands

This is something that everyone should automatically do as part of their day-to-day life. Ingrained in the principles of preschool and kindergarten, keeping your hands clean is an essential lifelong habit that prevents illness and the spread of germs. Think about all of those paid sick days that you could save up from your job if you just weren’t sick at any point during the year. There are many factors to staying healthy and preventing illness, but washing your hands is a tried-and-true way to stay on point.

Keep Your Tires Inflated

If you’re wondering what on earth inflating your tires has to do with coffee, the answer is that it has absolutely nothing to do with coffee. However, you’ll have just that much more money to put toward your monthly coffee budget if you keep your tires properly inflated on your car at all times. Why? Because optimal tire pressure supports optimal fuel economy. If coffee makes you an efficient human, then well-inflated tires make your vehicle more efficient.

Get More Value Out Of Your Java Experience With Mail Order Coffee

Coffee, coffee, coffee. Is that all we talk about? It is, but maybe that’s just because we’ve had a lot of it. We’re just excited to share the gift of fresh roasted coffee delivered straight to your door via our mail order coffee subscription. Take the next step to cheaper and better coffee from Unique Coffee Roasters by visiting here!