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7 Great Reasons To Sit Down And Drink A Cup Of Coffee

This blog post is for the occasional coffee drinker, or perhaps the “less enthusiastic” coffee drinker, shall we say. Why? That’s because a true java enthusiast doesn’t need a bunch of great reasons to drink a cup of coffee. Realistically, an hour after getting up out of bed, they’re probably three cups deep into an entire pot. We’re not here to judge anyone’s coffee consumption, either — drink on, fellow coffee drinkers!

Serving All Of Your Coffee Needs At Unique Coffee Roasters

However, for those seeking any espresso-laden inspiration to make a move on a refreshing cup of coffee, Unique Coffee Roasters is here for you. Actually, we prefer to think of ourselves as “here” for any type of coffee drinker, regardless of how much or how little coffee they’re actually drinking. Our Staten Island coffee shop offers the following (and more!) at our online coffee store:

  • Expertly blended coffee roasts
  • Single origin coffees
  • Flavored coffees (ideal for those who aren’t black coffee drinkers)
  • Nespresso®-compatible capsules
  • And Keurig®-compatible pods

Our online coffee store also sells mail order coffee subscriptions that make the ideal gift for the coffee drinker in your life, or even serve as the perfect “treat yourself” gift. Really, it’s your call.

To completely divert from our topic at hand, it’s also worth mentioning that Unique Coffee Roasters sells loose leaf tea and Two Leaves and a bud for those who just don’t consider drinking coffee, but may enjoy an alternative caffeine buzz.

Anyhow, like a cup of freshly roasted coffee itself, let these reasons to enjoy a cup of coffee soothe your soul and invigorate your sense of being. We wouldn’t want it any other way!

It Perks You Up And Gives Your Day A Boost

Beginning with the most obvious reason to drink some coffee, we figured that it only made sense to focus on coffee’s physiological effects — you know, the whole caffeine bit. This is why people that don’t enjoy coffee are still willing to drink the stuff. Hey, it gets most people through college, and to be honest, we’re not sure how the coffee (or, more accurately, caffeine) abstainers made it through.

It’s A Great Opportunity To Sit Down And Catch Up With A Friend

How often do you hear something like “Let’s sit down and catch up over a cup of coffee,” or “Are you interested in getting coffee with me [for our first date]?” A great alternative to alcohol for those who are underaged, coffee just seems to bring out the social side of people.

It Pairs Well With Breakfast (And Other Food)

Having breakfast without coffee is like making a classic breakfast and skipping the bacon and eggs...oh, and the coffee! Just like the craft beer scene, there are a number of incredible food and coffee pairings waiting for your taste buds to indulge in.

There’s A Lot Of Great Coffee To Try Out There

It’s true. Again, similar to that of the craft beer scene, it’s worth your while to try out a fancy new roast or even something that doesn’t sound “appealing” at first. Who knows? You could really surprise yourself.

You Need To Contemplate Something

“Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.” Do you recognize that line? It’s from the popular series Stranger Things. Coffee and contemplation just seem to go very well together. Need to ponder a major decision? Think it through while slowly sipping a steaming cup of coffee. It just makes sense.

You Can Get Coffee Delivered To Your House

Indeed you can. Not only do you not have to travel down to your local corner coffee shop to grab your morning cup ‘o joe, but you don’t even have to buy coffee grounds to use at home with your home coffee maker. Nope — instead, Unique Coffee Roasters will deliver our delicious beans straight to your front door! It doesn’t get much better than that, now does it?

You Need A Pick-Me-Up Before The Gym

Most people don’t typically view coffee as akin to pre-workout supplements, but there’s actually solid scientific evidence that the stimulating qualities of caffeine — both on a physical and mental level — will help prepare your body for exercise. Ideally, you’ll feel more focused, a little bit stronger, and you’ll have that background motivation to complete a set of reps or finish that new mile time.

Remember, coffee does dehydrate you, so make sure to drink plenty of water and other electrolyte-rich fluids. It also increases your heart rate, so don’t drink too much!

Shop Our Keurig®-Compatible Pods And More Today!

Life is simply too short to drink lesser-quality coffee. Life is also too long not to drink coffee. So why not drink some coffee, and drink the good stuff while you’re at it? Shop Unique Coffee Roasters today.