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Who We Are

At Unique Coffee Roasters, our skilled artisans are proud of the coffee that we roast. With over twenty-five years of roasting experience, our knowledge and expertise compare to none. Our passion and love for coffee is diligently nurtured into every pound of coffee that leaves our doors. With every cup of freshly brewed coffee, you can taste the devotion that was put into creating that perfect cup.

From green bean to ground, our pledge and is to use only the best Mother Earth has to offer and a promise to deliver only the freshest and most flavorful coffee. Our standards of execution and dedication never waver, producing only the finest fresh ground coffee around. When thinking about creating the perfect cup of coffee, you must first realize that taste comes from the initial beans. Grown in Central and South American, Unique Coffee Roasters delicately select from only the highest quality 100% Arabica beans. Other areas of origin include Africa, Jamaica, Hawaii, and Asia.

Our advanced level of roasting techniques pertains to implementing a method where fiery flames never touch the coffee beans but instead allow the heat to roast them thoroughly in a closed cylinder. This method delivers you that perfectly roasted coffee taste without any burnt traces, capturing the unique nuances and potential of every single bean. All of our beans are roasted, never toasted paying special attention temperature and time. To us, coffee roasting is not just a technique, rather an art form that has reached the highest level of production demonstrating how coffee should be. Unique Coffee Roasters’ labors of love create an unprecedented taste, quality, consistency, and aroma that will arouse your senses and delight your palate with every sip you take.

Factory & Technology

Unique Coffee Roasters has over thirty years of industry experience. We take great pride in all of our products offered. From start to finish, we strive to produce unique and wonderful coffee through our techniques. Through the entire process, we are continuously tasting and testing our beans and products, to be certain our great consistency is maintained. Our goal is to only produce the absolute best; green-approval stamps all the way through packaging, we taste and test our coffee to ensure that you receive the purest and finest coffee.

When we started our roasting techniques, we combined traditional and manual concepts and techniques that allowed us to deliver excellent roasted beans. We believe the wonderful roasted taste you receive is accomplished by operating two different roasting machines. With our 60 kilo Sasa Samiac roaster and our new Brambati roaster, we combined a traditional automatic roaster from France, with a 100% computerized automatic flexible roaster. With these two unique machines, we are able to achieve greatness. We control every stage of the roasting process by implementing a standard roast time, allowing reproduction of the same magnificent taste and consistency that you love in every bag of coffee.

All of our coffee is fresh roasted the day you order it online and there is never anything kept in inventory. When you order with us, the coffee you receive has either been roasted the day you receive it or had been the day before. We guarantee freshness, greatness, and quality in every order and in every bag.