Toasted Coconut - Single Serve Kup 12 Count
• Beans roasted to embody sweet coconut with toasted notes.

• Refreshing yet savory coconut with a bit of a bite.
• Medium Body

Exotic Flavored coffee has become the new trend for a distinct taste and our Toasted Coconut is no exception. Using coconut oil from the islands to give a sweet coconut taste with lightly toasted notes, this coffee is likely to give you that extra bit of sweetness to make an ordinary day amazing. With Unique Coffee Roasters Single-Serve capsules you don't have to waste half a pot of coffee every morning. We roast and package your favorite Unique Coffee Roasters blend that is roasted to perfection in a single serve capsule. The Unique Coffee Roasters Single-Serve is a quality product, offering a better, more sustainable cup of coffee. The Unique feature to the solution is that the filter is made of 100% recyclable polypropylene which attributes to our sustainable practices, making our footprint smaller one cup at a time. Compatible with KEURIG and other Single-Serve Brewers

12 Kups Included
Net Wt. 4.65oz (132g)

*KEURIG® is a registered trademark of Keurig, Inc. which is not affiliated or associated with Unique Coffee Inc.