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Stay On Your Grind: Coffee Grind Chart

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Even if you are the biggest coffee lover you know, there is a chance that you may not be quite as informed as you think you are. Each brewing method has a specific grind level that will render the very best cup of coffee. Discover your choices below.

Coffee Brewing Methods

The majority of people choose to have their coffee made by a standard drip machine. However, with so many choices when it comes to brewing, why not switch it up every once in a while? Learn about the different methods you may be missing out on by sticking to your regular way of making a [...]

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From Blossom To Brew

While you may not consider where your coffee comes from each time you sit down to enjoy a steaming hot mug of it, we place importance on where our coffee comes from and how we, at Unique Coffee Roasters, end up providing you with your favorite blends and beans. Learn more about how your coffee [...]

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Choose Wisely: Light, Medium & Dark Roast

Choose what sort of roast your taste buds prefers when it comes to your coffee can often be difficult. This is especially true if you are not really sure what the difference between the different roasts are. Discover how flavor, body, acidity and color based off which type of roast they are in the infographic [...]

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Coffee Drinking For Novices

Whether you have been enjoying a cup of coffee every morning for years or you just recently began to indulge in this delicious beverage, you may or may not know much about it other than how to turn on the coffee maker. In order to help you become more aware and generally educated on the [...]

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Coffee Around the World - Pt. 2

In our last blog post we discussed the characteristics of coffee that comes from the countries of South and Central America. In this post we will continue to discover what coffee from other areas of the world taste like and ultimately help you decide which blend to order the next time you order from [...]

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The Ultimate Coffee Drinker's Guide

We all have our preferences when it comes to many things in life. One of the things people are the most specific about, however, is the type of coffee they drink. If you have not explored your options as far as what your options are when you order at your favorite coffee shop, Unique Coffee [...]

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Coffee Around The World- Pt. 1

Chances are you have found yourself in a coffee shop more than once where a question was posed to you regarding which of two or three coffee brews you would like to drink. If you are like the majority of people you most likely have no idea the difference between the brews you are being [...]

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Your Daily Aromatherapy

If you believe that the noticeable effects of coffee are more than enough to convince you to have your routine cup every morning. After all, it wakes you up, tastes delicious and helps you to have much needed energy throughout the day. However, whether you know it or not, coffee acts as a therapeutic tool [...]

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Common Mistakes When Brewing French Press Coffee

Although it is not the method everyone prefers, the method of using a French press to brew coffee is something many people enjoy. There are, however, mistakes that are commonly made while using this method. In order to make sure you are getting the very best cup of coffee from your French press, it is [...]

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